Red Wine by the BOTTLE

Copper Cane Boen Pinot Noir — $50

Vincent Gamay Pinot Noir — $60

Gran Appaso Rosso Apuglia — $35

Guardian Cellars Chalk Line Red Blend — $65

Trefethen Cabernet Sauvignon — $75

Apriori Red Blend — $80

Chateau de La Coste Margaux — $70

La Vina de La Merce Rioja Crianza — $55

Chianti Colli Senesi — $30

Red Wine by the GLASS

Yves Cheron Cotes du Rhone — $10

Spindrift Pinot Noir — $12

Marchand Grand Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon — $9

Telios Cabernet Sauvignon — $12

Ghost Runner Red Blend — $9

Di Giovanna Nero D’Avola — $10

Gran Appasso, Puglia — $10

Our wine selections are primarily from small estates
with limited production and a great story.
We seek approachability and great value.
We don’t believe wine needs to
break the proverbial
bank to be a delight.

White Wine by the BOTTLE

Andis Cuvee Blanc — $30

Fleur de Mer Rose — $35

Frenzy Sauvignon Blanc — $35

Guardian Sauvignon Blanc — $40

Pique Poul — $27

Vine Cliff Chardonnay — $55

Skylark Chardonnay — $45

Alber Bichot Cremant — $50

Fritz Windisch Riesling — $35

White Wine by the GLASS

Domaine Gayda Viognier — $10

Domaine Poli Rose — $10

Giuliani Rosati Pinot Grigio — $8

Aviary Chardonnay — $12

Laroque Chardonnay — $10

Ca Furlan Prosecco — $9

Trebbiano Pinot Grigio — $11


Classics with a Twist

Apricot Old Fashioned — 12

Rye whiskey paired with house-made bourbon cherries and secret apricot ingredients translate an old classic into a new century delight.

Jefferson’s Old Fashioned — 12

A simple and beautiful classic made with Jefferson’s Bourbon. If you are going to have a Manhattan don’t skimp on the bourbon!

Aperol Spritz — 10

A European favorite. Think Italy in summer. Patios, hillside vineyards, big and boisterous laughter. “Ciao down and chill out” as they say in the old country.

Negroni — 12

A speakeasy staple. If you like gin and aperitifs, you’ve found your cocktail.

Sazerac — 12

An odyssey of Redemption Rye, aperitifs and absinthe blended to create a Fior experience not forgotten. But if you do forget, we’ll remind you.

Jalapeno Egg White Margarita — 12

A Jalapeno Margarita that explores the delicacies of the jalapeno pepper without putting your taste buds through the flames. But, we can ALWAYS add the heat if ya want.

Strawberry Cosmo — 12

A fresh take on a classic. We take the lightness of a cosmo and blend it with a hint of fresh strawberry creating a semi-sweet treat that is sure to rid you of the cosmo blues.

Fior Beginnings

Blackberry Mojito — 12

a perfect summertime drink made with fresh mint, lime and homemade blackberry simple syrup

Fior Lemon Drop — 12

light, airy take on and old classic

NC Blackbeard’s Hurricane — 12

named after north carolina’s favorite pirate, carolina rum paired with a blend of fresh juices topped with dark rum

Peach Moonshine Mule —10

a southern take on a mule, served in a cold copper mug

Coffee Bean Mudslide — 12

save room for this lightly caffeinated indulgence made with our cold brew coffee

Espresso Martini — 12

a past favorite with Fior flair

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