Coffee, Tea & Espresso


espresso — 3

americano — 3

espresso macchiato — 3.5

cortado — 3.5

cappuccino — 4

latte — 4

mocha — 4.5

masala cafe latte — 5


brewed coffee — 2.5

cold brew — 4


hot tea — 2.5

iced tea — 3

london fog — 3

chai latte — 5

matcha latte — 5

Espresso Drinks

golden latte — 5

housemade blend of tumeric, ginger cinnamon, black pepper

crimson latte — 5

housemade blend of beet root, ginger, allspice, green cardamom

hot herbal tea — 2.5

iced herbal tea — 3

hot cocoa — 3

chocolate milk — 3

“3rd Wave coffee is all the talk. It is worth talking about. It is more than specialty coffees with exotic names.This movement has elements of sustainability, social responsibility, relationships with and between farmers, producers, roasters, baristas and the customer. It has EVERYTHING to do with the coffee experience. Like with our wines, there is a story and an appreciation for the notes, the profile, the distinct flavors and the art of it all.We dont want to just serve coffee; we want to choreograph your experience.”

– Sean Keyser, Managing Partner

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