“Here’s to friendship, may it be reckoned long as a lifetime close as a second”

“We are all about … the best espresso sourced from single origin estates … the tastiest breakfasts in the mornings and tapas in the evenings … delightful and approachable wines … fun and inventive cocktails … local music from artists with soul … and a place for gathering and finding joy.”

– Sean Keyser, Managing Partner

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Our wine selections are primarily from small estates
with limited production and a great story.
We seek approachability and great value.
We don’t believe wine needs to
break the proverbial
bank to be a delight.

“3rd Wave coffee is all the talk. It is worth talking about. It is more than specialty coffees with exotic names. This movement has elements of sustainability, social responsibility, relationships with and between farmers, producers, roasters, baristas and the customer. It has EVERYTHING to do with the coffee experience. Like with our wines, there is a story and an appreciation for the notes, the profile, the distinct flavors and the art of it all. We dont want to just serve coffee; we want to choreograph your experience.”

– Sean Keyser, Managing Partner

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